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  • What are Life Skills?

    Life Skills are the skills that we need, to deal effectively with the challenges in everyday life, whether at school, at work or in our personal lives. One could say that it is a ‘set of skills that allows us to live our life to its fullest’..
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  • Why are Life Skills needed?

    In today’s constantly changing environment, having Life Skills is a critical part of being able to meet the demands of daily life. The exponential changes in the global economies over the past few years have been influencing education,
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  • What is International Life Skills Olympiad?

    International Life Skills Olympiad(ILSO) is the World's First online initiative to test young children's Critical Life Skills Quotient, and to compare the same with the most skilled children across the globe. Through ILSO,
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  • Why do we a need a Global Life Skills Test for School Kids?

    Prevalent schooling curriculums around the world are primarily knowledge or fact-based curriculums. They do not provide the learners with much scope to assess and acquire practical Life Skills. Today’s children - the young citizens
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  • When is International Life Skills Olympiad?

    International Life Skills Olympiad(ILSO) 2019 will be conducted worldwide, online on 14th and 15th December, 2019. Registrations for ILSO 2019 will commence from 1st June 2019 onwards.

  • How much is the ILSO registration fee?

    The International Life Skills Olympiad registration fee is $7.99 only or an equivalent amount in local currency. The Skills Practice Material, Life Skills Guides, Sample Questions, and Mock Tests are all included in the registration fee.

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